10GB24 Category 6A U/UTP Cables

When you’re looking for a 10Gb/s cabling system, which features are most valuable? Performance? Quality design? Simple installation? A competitive price point?

When all of these factors are essential, how do you choose between them? With Belden’s 10GB24 Category 6A U/UTP Cables, you no longer have to.

As a premise horizontal cable for 10G Ethernet applications, it combines simple installation with quality mechanical and electrical characteristics at a cost-competitive price.

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  • Protects against noise interference and network congestion
  • Time-saving installation
  • Full channel length of 100-meter performance
  • Combines quality 10Gb/s cable features: performance, design, installation ease and competitive price


  • Small 7.2 mm diameter reduces weight and space requirements
  • Easy-to-separate pairs require fewer twists
  • Small bend radius accommodates tight spaces and workstations
  • Easy-to-remove barrier tape and spline
  • 25-year manufacturer-backed system warranty

These helpful Product Bulletin provide more information about Belden’s new 10GB24 Category 6A U/UTP Cables