RailTuff Approved Control Cables

With a compact thin-wall design that reduces the cable’s size and weight, the RailTuff Control Cables enable rolling stock manufacturers to fit more cable services on board, while also delivering operational and environmental savings.


By using specialized flame-retardant polymers, the cables are highly flame-retardant and emit less smoke and toxic gasses.

With enhanced fire safety, mechanical/chemical resistance and temperature range, the RailTuff Control Cables are proven to outperform medium- and thick-wall alternatives.

  • Space saving: thin-wall design is up to 40% smaller than conventional wall cables with low weight, low bulk and superior mechanical properties
  • Enhanced fire safety: high flame retardancy and minimum emission of smoke and toxic gases to support EN45545 standard and RoHS/REACH compliance
  • Minimal maintenance required: outperforms the mechanical/chemical resistance of thick-wall alternatives and tested to last 20,000 hours at 120°C
  • Thin-wall design, electron-beam crosslinked insulation and halogen-free polymers
  • Continuous operating temperature range of -40°C to +90°C
  • Thermal endurance tested for 20,000 hours at 120°C
  • Low emission of smoke and toxic gasses
  • RoHS and REACH compliant
  • Designed according to EN50306-3 and EN45545

Rail operators and rolling stock manufacturers need safer, more efficient environments. The RailTuff thin-wall control cable is 40% smaller than conventional cables, resulting in a many financial, environmental and operational benefits.

Enhanced Fire Safety in a Compact Cable Design

Part No. Type No. of Cores Conductor (mm2) Voltage (V)
RTB2C050 EN50306-3, Multi-Core, Screened and Sheathed 2-core 0.5 300/500
RTB4C050 EN50306-3, Multi-Core, Screened and Sheathed 4-core 0.5 300/500
RTB2C075 EN50306-3, Multi-Core, Screened and Sheathed 2-core 0.75 300/500
RTB4C075 EN50306-3, Multi-Core, Screened and Sheathed 4-core 0.75 300/500
RTB2C150 EN50306-3, Multi-Core, Screened and Sheathed 2-core 1.5 300/500
RTB4C150 EN50306-3, Multi-Core, Screened and Sheathed 4-core 1.5 300/500

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