Belden Wire and Cable Research & Development

Understanding customer needs

The Belden Wire and Cable organization has a dedicated Vertical Market structure which allows for better understanding of customer requirements within the end markets we serve. As a result, we are able to create specifications that exactly meet – or even exceed - the needs of our customers. This also applies to green considerations.


Throughout our production processes, we only use materials that meet – or exceed – legal regulations and the specific needs of our customers. This includes performance according to REACH, RoHS.

Lowering energy consumption

Our Integrated R&D processes reduce production and redesign costs during product development, whilst at the same time reducing our carbon footprint. Reduction of CO2 emissions is achieved through fewer re-designs. Belden has on-site test equipment reducing the need for costly and unnecessary transport to external test facilities.

Lower energy consumption is also important for our products. This is why in the early stages of product development, we look at ecological aspects such as energy and resource consumption as well as product‘s future disposal. We set out to constantly reduce the energy consumption of our products. To achieve this we use the latest innovations such as new materials and technologies to create more efficient products, saving on energy consumption, whilst at the same time offering enhanced features.

Where possible we choose for low-energy design, and the development of re-usable products.

New initiatives

In addition to a range of company-wide measures, we have recently introduced a range of initiatives at our plant in Venlo, the Netherlands that focus on packaging and transportation of our products. These include the use of recycled or high performance materials in our packaging processes, all intended to reduce waste. Packaging waste is being sorted throughout the Venlo production facility to ensure that all paper, wood and plastic materials are separated for recycling and re-use wherever possible – or used for thermal recovery. At the same time, a program to reduce the use of paper was introduced, delivering significant savings in both use and disposal of paper, effective immediately.