Development / R&D

A structured approach to adding value

To be the best in the business requires significant investments in global product development and R&D.

We have extensive R&D facilities and capabilities in plastic injection molding and overmolding of metal that can be applied to create unique solutions combining metal and plastics, for applications such as network connectors, tele connectors, junction boxes etc.


Our facility in Cekan offers the following facilities:

  • Ability to develop EMC shielded solutions using zinc, metalized plastic and stamped metal
  • State-of-the-art test equipment: electrical, mechanical and climatic tests can all be performed in-house
  • Own tool shop produces both complex multiple cavity molds with automated metal insertions and fully automated production equipment
  • A stage-gate project management tool is used to track progress and secure deadlines, and to validate that customer requirements are fully met


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