Optical Fiber Connectivity

For even faster solutions Belden is offering the FiberExpress® and now the FiberExpress® Ultra Solutions.

These are complete end-to-end cabling systems which support both centralised and FTTD (Fiber To The Desk) topologies. These solutions also support backbone and campus cabling configurations and meet or exceed all applicable TIA/ EIA, ISO /IEC and IEEE standards.


Key Benefits

FiberExpress® Key Benefits are:

  • High bandwidth and transmission speed
  • The potential for network growth
  • Extended reach – distance
  • Fault tolerance
  • Greater data security
  • Support for Gigabit and multi-Gigabit protocols and networked applications
  • Reduced design complexities
  • Quick installation
  • Increased flexibility


Key Products

FiberExpress® Cables A variety of multimode and single-mode optical fiber cables are available for in-building and inter-building applications including Distribution Cables, Breakout Cables and Loose Tube (Campus) Cables
FiberExpress® Cross-Connect Hardware including FiberExpress® Ultra Patch Panel System
FiberExpress® Manager with FiberExpress ® Manager Connector Modules
FiberExpress® Rack-mount Patch Panels with Universal Adapter Strips These components can be used with tightbuffered or loose-tube optical fiber cables and they can be tailored to specific needs in terms of density and management.
FiberExpress® Wall-mount Patch Panels with Universal Adapter Strips Wall-mount Patch Panels are ruggedly constructed plus they constitute an economical solution for the protection of fiber terminations and splices in hostile environments.
FiberExpress® Bar Multimode and Single-mode
FiberExpress® Patch Cord and Cable Assemblies Our FiberExpress® Patch Cord assemblies are of the highest quality available. They are assembled and 100 percent optically tested in our factory prior to shipment.
FiberExpress® Connectors The FiberExpress® System offers both field-installable and epoxy field-mountable connectors
Work Area Outlets Outlets for Fiber-To-The-Desk installations include MDVO Multimedia Outlets with MDVO Multimedia Modules

For more information

For more detailed information on our Fiber Optic cables, e-mail us at or call +31 77 3878555.