HD Designed Coaxial Cables

The European Broadcast Union (EBU) has recently decided to support both 720p/50 Hz and 1080i/50 Hz high definition (HD) formats, which results in a clock of 750 MHz and a data rate of 1.5 Gbits/second.

1080p/50 Hz with a clock of 1.5 GHz and a data rate of 3 Gbits/second is an attractive production format for high-quality sport production, and as a master format that will convert into 1080i/720p with minimal transfer artifacts; the EBU is keen to promote its adoption in the longer term.

Top Reasons why to use Belden’s HD coaxial cables

  1. Country of manufacturing: USA and Europe
  2. Belden exceeds the standards, longer lengths possible - Belden's HD coaxes deliver 3G
  3. Belden guarantees return loss (-23 dB from 5 MHz to 1.6 GHz and -21 dB from 1.6 GHz to 4.5 GHz; Belden coaxial cables are ready for 1080p)
  4. HD designed coaxial cables (high-density nitrogen-gas-injected foam dielectric; Belden's bubbles are small and closed-cell)
  5. Quality and Consistency. No connector issues and re-pulling of cable
  6. Installable performance
  7. Belden's high-density nitrogen-gas-injected foam resists deformation when bent or crushed; stable impedance and low return loss
  8. Very low attenuation
  9. Matte finished outer jacket, available in 10 colors
  10. HD Patch cables are available: 1865A, 1505F, and 1694F
  11. All cables are available in halogen-free (direct burial, UV-resistant)
  12. Belden measure 75 ohms to 4.5 GHz to give the user REAL data for 1080p/50 applications
  13. 179DT is designed for OB van's (extreme small, save space and weight)
  14. Bundled versions (VideoFlex & BananaPeel) are available from: 179DT, 1855A, 1855ENH, 1505A, and 1694A
  15. Your customer will have the same design and color at the next delivery? Belden products are the same year for year!
  16. All international sport-events using Belden HD coaxial cables, because of state-of-the-art technology

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