Belden Video Cables

System Integrator Digital Video Cables

Cost efficient and high quality video cabling solutions for a wide range of applications that require a professional approach.


HDTV/SDI Video Cables

HDTV/SDI video cables usually have solid center conductors and dual shields. The dielectrics can either be foamed PE or for better crush resistance foamed HDPE insulation. Tighter impedance and attenuation tolerances, superior Return Loss (RL) specifications and improved shielding give precision video cables their no-compromise performance.


Camera Triax Cables

Video Triax cables are used to interconnect video cameras to related equipment. They contain two isolated shields and a solid or stranded center conductor. Isolated shields allow the triax to provide multiple functions over one cable through multiplexing techniques. Applications include DC power to camera, intercom to operator, teleprompter feeds, monitoring feeds and even automatic or robotic functions.


Camera HDTV Fiber/Copper Composite Cables

Designed specifically for high-definition cameras, these composite cables can multiplex audio and video signals and power. The cables meet all the requirements of the SMPTE 311 standard developed by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE). They are also compatible with industry standard SMPTE 304M connectors.


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