Plenty of choice for maximum flexibility: Belden faceplates range for Europe

Belden has introduced two ranges of faceplates with inserts to hold both Keystone and MDVO modular jacks.

Developed specifically for the enterprise environment, these new Belden European faceplate ranges have been designed to meet today’s aesthetics and will be available in both Euro 6c and Euromod Style versions.

The 6c range offers a choice of three faceplates, and three styles of inserts. The Euromod range will consist of Belden’s first ever Euromod style, with a choice of three faceplates, and four styles of insert and will be available later in the year 2011.


The inserts are capable of accepting both styles of modular jack, either Keystone or MDVO style using innovative crossbar technology.
This is achieved by the insertion of the red termination bar for the keystone style modular jacks, and the omission/removal for the MDVO style.

These new faceplates can be either wall-mounted on an appropriate wall back box or underfloor-mounted in floor Faceplates and inserts are available in three colors: white, black and cool grey.


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