Save an extra step in installation and reduce labor costs:

Belden® Analog Audio Snake Cables Simplify Field Termination

Designed specifically for the broadcast industry, Belden’s latest additions to the family of audio snake cables help to simplify field terminations. There are three series of audio snake cables: jacketed plenum; Banana Peel® plenum, and waterblocked.


Belden® Analog Audio Snake Cables are used to connect multiple audio channels in low-level (microphone) and high-level (line) componentry such as console board equipment for recording studios, radio television stations, post-production facilities, and sound system installations.

Belden’s individually shielded and jacketed snakes, can be split out of the overall jacket in pairs for any length and connectorized directly, saving installation time and reducing labor costs. Their lightweight, strong, flexible and thin Beldfoil shield provides 100% shield coverage for improved protection against radiated emissions and ingress at audio and radio frequencies.

  • Belden® Analog Audio Snake CablesSimplify field termination with three series of audio snake cables – jacketed plenum, Banana Peel® plenum, and waterblocked, (New Product Bulletin 502E, 1.1 MB)