Maximum toughness and flexibility

Belden’s Strongest Microphone Cable and a Compact Digital Microphone Cable Offer Maximum Toughness and Flexibility

Belden has added two new microphone cables to its award-winning line of world-class broadcast products.


Belden® Brilliance® 1776 Super-Strong Analog Microphone cables are the strongest microphone cables ever manufactured by Belden. Built with high strength custom alloy conductors and a tough EPDM rubber jacket, cables are engineered to withstand rough handling and constant abuse. Their ultra-rugged construction is ideal for both studio and live applications, particularly those where cables are being damaged and discarded.

For applications where full-size microphone cables are just too big, Belden® Brilliance® 2221 Compact Digital Microphone Cables offer an ideal solution. These cables are an excellent choice for hand-held solid-state recording devices (SSD) that use miniature microphone connectors by amongst others Lemo, Neutrik and Switchcraft, or Bantam or TT jacks.