New video cables deliver high signal integrity and proven reliability

New Duobond® II HD Digital Video cables and Belden 1-piece HD BNC compression connectors provide broadcasters with a cost-effective solution that is high in performance and reliability.

Broadcasters who have to carry video signals such as analog, digital, high definition, 3G (2K) and even 3D and Quad Full-HD with cable bundles of 2 or 4 coaxes, no longer need to be concerned about the distance their cables will be able to transmit video signals.


Belden has introduced new Duobond® II HD Digital Video cables, an extension of the company’s existing product range of HD Digital Video cables. These coaxes provide high signal integrity as they are able to reliably transmit HD digital video signals in broadcast systems at data rates of 3 GB/s.

Using technology that has already been proven in broadband applications, Duobond® II HD Digital Video cables deliver improved performance and ease-of-use, especially in combination with Belden 1-piece HD compression connectors.

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