New CatSnake Cat 6A cables for exceptional flexibility and flex life

Belden has introduced a rugged field deployable shielded Cat 6A cable that withstands repeated bending and delivers maximum uptime and reliability for critical broadcasts and live events

Broadcast crews on the move routinely subject their cables to repeated pulling, flexing, bending and crushing. Under these circumstances a conventional cable might develop discontinuities that could lead to degraded signal transmission - the cable could even break.


Durable and sustainable Belden CatSnake Cat 6A cables are extremely robust and have exceptional flexibility and flex life. In tests the cable performed according the electrical performance stated in the data sheet, even after 1 million bendings in a track chain test.

These cables are designed to meet the requirements of the latest digital audio formats and are highly suited for use in high traffic areas, such as in broadcast studios. Their exceptional physical and electrical characteristics really make these cables ideal for outdoor use, in broadcast truck applications, and for portable, professional broadcast use.

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