No reduction in signal quality over long distances

Belden Offers Full Range of HDMI Connectivity Solutions

As Audio/Video installations migrate away from discrete wired solutions towards digital signal solutions, the problem of signal degradation over long distance runs has become a serious issue.


To effectively address this issue, Belden now offers a complete range of HDMI connectivity solutions that make it possible to transmit HDMI signals over long distances without a reduction in signal quality. These include

  • HDMI Over Category 6 HDBaseT Signal Extenders
  • HDMI Over Category 6 Gigabit (IP) Ethernet Extenders with LED Display
  • HDMI Over Fiber Extenders
  • HDMI Pre-Terminated Hybrid Extenders
  • HDMI Distribution Amplifiers

Whether you use category cable or fiber with THOR HDMI extenders, all Belden® HDMI Connectivity Solutions are easy to install and deliver maximum performance.