Setting a New Standard

Belden® introduces first 4.5GHz 1-Piece compression connector.

Connectors should be invisible to your signal performance, and now Belden lets you achieve this with a 1-piece connector that delivers unsurpassed return loss performance, faster, easier installations, excellent durability and innovative features.

Broadcasters (still) using 3-piece crimp connectors will be keen to learn more about the superior performance and faster installation, both among the key benefits of our new 1-piece Belden® Brilliance® Broadcast High-Definition BNC Connectors.

Highly durable and designed for professional use, these new connectors set a new standard: they exceed SMPTE return loss standards, provide excellent headroom and true 75 ohm performance for those instances when Broadcasters need to push the limits.


Durability is excellent, with brass construction and patented compression rings ensuring pullout forces exceeding 445 N, depending on the cable. Experts can choose from three Belden HD Brilliance Connector platforms to find the right solution for their broadcast needs.

These new connectors were designed specifically for use with Belden Brilliance Broadcast and Professional A/V Coaxial Cables. Combined, they deliver unparalleled end-to-end performance, signal integrity and durability.

Their patent-pending locking design features a screw-lock collar to physically “lock” the bayonet nut of the BNC in position. This limits movement of the BNC head and creates coaxial alignment from the cable through the BNC center pin, delivering superior return loss performance.

The 1-piece design simplifies and speeds the installation by eliminating loose pins and sleeves. This allows for repeatable and consistent installations every time while delivering return loss performance on par with more time consuming, traditional 3-piece designs.

Key Benefits:

  • True 75 Ω performance
  • Extended BNC head knurl nut design to ease identification and installation
  • Superior return loss through 4.5 GHz
  • Excellent holding force exceeding 445 N, depending on cable type
  • Fast installation with 1-piece design
  • Colored bend reliefs to prevent cables from over-extending and for easy identification.



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Belden HD Brilliance Connectors with Belden Brilliance Coax Cables deliver unparalleled end-to-end performance for Broadcast Engineers and A/V Professionals