Belden Sensor/Actuator Cables

The sensor/actuator cables are analog signal cables, connecting automation systems end points (e.g. sensors) to the next layer (e.g. I/O devices)

The high-quality sensor cables offer production security, high availability of devices, and highest-level reliability. They are ideal for industrial application in rough conditions and in demanding applications like robotic or drag chain applications.


Belden Sensor/Actuator Cable Range

The trend of miniaturization continues in the expansion of the Belden Sensor/Actuator cable range cable to include special sensor connecting cables. The low tolerances of the outer jacket diameter guarantee best machinability, for example with regard to sealing during the grouting process in devices.

Consistent Quality and Expertise

  • With an experience of over 110 years, Belden evolved its manufacturing sites to deliver maximum performance and total reliability
  • High levels of quality in centricity, roundness, strippability and consistent jacket thickness are ensured through the production quality systems, in line management, centricity control systems, stripping force testing, UL and ISO 9001:2000 certified facilities
  • Belden guarantees the quality of its cables by using high quality materials, approved by international authorities such as IEC and UL

Lead Time on Standard Portfolio

  • 2 week production lead times on regularly used designs

Lead Time & MOQ on Specials

  • 4 to 6 weeks turnaround time on new designs

For demanding applications requiring cables with

  • High flexibility
  • High resistance to tough industrial environments (e.g. oil, temperature Variation and chemicals)
  • Low data rates
  • Reliable quality

On-machine applications & peripheral devices to PLC Controllers

  • Sensor-Actuator links
  • Sensors/Actuators to I/O Distributor Boxes
  • Sensors/Actuators to Field Devices

PVC Sensor & Actuator Cable

Stranded BC Conductors • PVC Insulation • PVC Jacket • LABS Free
Copper Section 0.25 mm² & 0.34 mm²


PUR Sensor & Actuator Cable

Stranded BC Conductors • PP Insulation • PUR and Special PUR Jacket • Halogen Free • LABS Free
Copper Section 0.14 mm², 0.25 mm², 0.34 mm² & 0.50 mm²


PUR Distribution Boxes Cable

Stranded BC Conductors • PP Insulation • PUR Jacket • Halogen Free • LABS Free
Copper Section 0.50 & 1.00 mm²

Product Range Features

Drag chain suitability/trailing-resistant

  • Bending radius 10xD
  • Acceleration 5 m/s²
  • Path feed rate 200 m/min at 5 m horizontal path
  • Guaranteed from 2 million bending cycles to 10 million bending cycles


  • >5 million cycles guaranteed
  • ± 360º per 1 m length

Resistance to coolants and lubricants

  • Polyurethane outer jacket for longer service life
  • Lower maintenance costs

UL, ROHS compliant

No halogens, LABS free, phosphorus free

On-machine industrial resistance requirements: flexible, oil resistant, tough cable jackets, e.g. PURs

High temperature resistance +80 °C

Perfectly round cable for IP67 assemblies

Multiple put-up lengths (100m, 3000m, 5000m)

Belden Cables, Wires and Accessories for Industrial Applications

Circular Connectors for Actuators, Sensors and Data

Extensive portfolio of connectors and cordsets for actuators and sensors, data and power